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BGA510C three zones rework station

BGA510C three zones rework station BGA510C three zones rework station BGA510C three zones rework station BGA510C three zones rework station
Product name:BGA510C three zones rework station
Touch screen, BGA510C three zones rework station
New function:
1 temperature advance system, temperature is more accurate and stable;
2 Five temperature curves will showed on the main screen, adding temperature keep function, customers can operate and analyze temperature curves;  
3 Better air adjusting circuit; the speed is more stable.
4 with intelligent air fan, it can monitor air speed; the machine will stop and alarm when speed is not normal;  
5 after cooling, the air fan will stop automatically, the machine will be stand by; there is no voice which can length fan life and protect key parts.
6 with CCD video camera to observe and monitor all condition, operators can judge soldering status in time; 

BGA510C  three zones rework station
Rework station BGA510C of GLICHN, 3 zones with chinese and english touching screen, 3 groups of temperature profiles can be show at the same time, 30 groups of temperature data can be stored.BGA, CSP, LGA( Land Grid Array), Micro SMD, MLF (Micro-Lead Frame ),BCC ( Bumped Chip Component ) and other chips can be deal. it is best equipment for PCB especially large PCB.

parameters of BGA510C
1 power consumption: 5000W
2 top power: 800 W
3 bottom power: 800 W
4 bottom infrared preheating: 3000W
5 power supply: AC220V 50/60HZ or 110V
6 dimension: L710mmⅹW680mmⅹH660mm
7 min PCB: 40mmⅹ40mm
8 max PCB size: 400×450mm
features of BGA510C
1 with touching screen, PLC control, 3 temperature profiles can be show, the accuracy of temperature is ±1.
2 7 segments temperature controling, preheating,heat preservation, warm-up, welding1, welding 2, dropping temperature, cooling can be set.
3 1-30 groups can be stored, on the touching screen profiles can be analysed and changed.
4 3 zones heat independently, multi-group, multi-segment temperature can be done in first and second zones, PCB will heat in the third zone. heating time, time, slope, cooling, alarm will be showed in touching screen.
5 with K thermocouple, with testing temperature connector to test temperature.
6 with alarm function after welding BGA, it can cut off when temperature is abnormality, with protection function when it is over temperature.
7 crosscurrent air motor can make PCB ametabolic.
8 locating PCB with V slot, omnipotent clamp can protect PCB.
9 it can deal with large capacity PCB, high temperature, lead free BGA/CSP and pillar BGA.
10 nozzle can rotate 360, it is easy to replace. with different nozzle.
11 it can deal with large capacity PCB, high temperature and lead free welding.

(LCD touching screen)


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