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EM300 Engraving machine/Drilling Machine

EM300 Engraving machine/Drilling Machine EM300 Engraving machine/Drilling Machine
Product name:EM300 Engraving machine/Drilling Machine

EM300  Engraving machine(Drilling Machine )

Detailed Product Description:

Automatic origin orientation ,Virtual machining in software ,software high compatiblity safe and reliable 

     1.High efficiency: It merely need a few minutes to make a piece of PCB.
  2.Accuracy: The min error of numerical control drill hole less than 1mil (0.025mm).
  3.Automatism and convenience: Simple software hardware installation ,.Operate the manufacturing process by striking the function keys of operation system.
Install the PROTEL.PCB format into machine drive program—DK, plate making, drill, edge, total numerical control operation, one-time shaping. With the control of computer software, the drive motor of X, Y, Z-axes begin to work accordingly and the main shaft motor can be drove according to program order. The main shaping motor drives the cutter to process the workpiece that the user requires. The technology of CNC adopts the physical engraving technique. The made plate don’t pass the process from wet to dry and the process from cold to hot. Mechanical motion can be executed strictly according to order. The situation of conglutination and dark cracks can be discerned in naked eye but not with magnifying glass. Moreover, the software can be operated simply.

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Technical parameters:

Processed side : Single/Double side
Maximum working area(mm) : 300×300
Minimum linewidth(mil): 6
Minimum linear distance(mil): 6
Driving mode : Stepping motor
Working speed(m/min): 4.8
Circular guideway Linear guideway
Spindle speed (r/min):18000-60000 Stepless adjustable
Spindle power(w):95
Spindle motor Variable-frequency motor
Drilling aperture(mm):0.4-3.175
Drilling rate (strokes/min):100
Transmission mode : Import ball bearing screw
Control Mode : ARM
Power Supply: AC220V 50HZ
Operating System: Win2000/NT/XP/vista
Minimum memory setup(MB):256
Weight: 100KG

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