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Automatic Solder Paste Stencil Printer GL4034

Automatic Solder Paste Stencil Printer GL4034 Automatic Solder Paste Stencil Printer GL4034 Automatic Solder Paste Stencil Printer GL4034 Automatic Solder Paste Stencil Printer GL4034
Product name:Automatic Solder Paste Stencil Printer GL4034
  Automatic Solder Paste Printer GL4034
Product Functions

GL4034 a high accuracy printing robot designed for high precision screen printing or stencil printing in SMT industry.

 Product Features

a)         Support wide spectrums of PCB sizes from 50mm x 50mm to 400mm x 340mm and PCB thickness from 0.6mm to 6mm.

b)         High printing resolution:

1.        High positional accuracy, repeated positioning accuracy ±0.01mm; printing accuracy 0.025mm

2.        Support glue printing.

c)         Automatic control improves production efficiency, quality control and saves production cost:

1.        Automatic PCB calibration

2.        Squeegee pressure adjustable

3.        Automatic printing

4.        Automatic stencil cleaning (dry-type and wet-type)

d)         Adopt company independently developed suspended print head with programmable pressure adjustment. Support on-line real time pressure feedback and automatic squeegee pressure balancing.

e)         Programmable motor controls separation speed and distance among squeegee, stencil and substrate, to realize multi-method separation.

f)          Multi-functional PCB positioning system for convenient and accurate PCB positioning.

g)         Programmable PCB lifting platform ensure the PCB to lift to a proper height

h)         Upward and downward visual positioning.

i)           Built-in image processing system

Applicable pitches of Components

a)         SMT Components such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, diode and triode: 01005, 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206 and other specifications

b)         IC: support SOP, TSOP, TSSOP, QFN packaging, min. pitch 0.3 mm; support BGA, CSP packaging, min. ball diameter of 0.2 mm

c)         Printing size50mm x 50mm ~400 mm x 340 mm

d)         PCB Thickness0.6 mm ~ 6 mm

e)         FPC Thicknessless than 0.6 mm (excluding jig) 

Applicable PCB types

Applicable to PCB types of mobile phone, communication, LCD TV, STB, family cinema, vehicle electronics, medical power equipment, aerospace and aviation, besides general electronics products.





Repeat Position Accuracy


Printing Accuracy


Cycle Time

<9s (Excluding Printing & Cleaning)

Products Changeover


Screen Stencil Size/Min

470mm X 370mm

Screen Stencil Size/Max

737mm X 737mm

Screen Stencil Size/Thickness

20mm ~ 40mm

PCB Size/Min


PCB Size/Max


PCB Thickness


PCB Warpage Ratio

1%Based on diagonal length

Bottom of Board Size


Edge of Board Size


Transport Height


Transport Direction

Left-Right; Right-Left; Left-Left; Right-Right

Transport Speed

100-1500mm/sec Programmable

Board Location

Support System

Magnetic pin/Side support block/Flexible automatic pinoptional

Clamping System

Elastic side clamping/ Elastic Z-direction tabletting (optional, but not suggested)

Print head

Programmable motor driven print head(optional pneumatic control print head)

Squeegee Speed

10~150mm/sec Programmable

Squeegee Pressure

0-15kg programmable

Squeegee Angle


Squeegee Type

Steel squeegee (standard), rubber squeegee, other types of squeegee customizable.

Stencil Separation Speed

0.01~10mm/sec Programmable

Cleaning Method

Dry-type, wet-type ( Programmable combination of the two cleaning methods

Table Adjustment Range

X: ±4mm;Y:±6mm;θ:±2°

Type of Image Fiducial Mark

Standard geometry shape of fiducial mark, bonding pad / stencil hole

Camera System

Single digital camera with upward/downward vision system

Air Pressure


Air Consumption

Approx. 0.07m3 /min

Control Method

PC Control

Power Supply

AC:220±10%,50/60HZ 1Φ 1.5KW

Machine Dimensions

1410mm(L) x 1215mm(W) x 1550(H)mm 



Operation Temperature

-20°C ~ +45°C

Operation Humidity


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