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Large Wave Solder Machine

Large Wave Solder Machine Large Wave Solder Machine Large Wave Solder Machine Large Wave Solder Machine
Product name:Large Wave Solder Machine
Item:LF400 Series

Large Wave Solder Machine LF400 Series

Product Feature:

● 3 independent preheating zones, every one is 1.8M; Hot air preheating, with spotlight compensation device which make PCB best soldering effect.

Titanium alloy fingers are applied; they are no stick solder tin and long life.

● Large transparent viewing windows, it is easy for operation and maintenance.

● Lifting up/down and in/out of solder pots are controlled by automatically and manual; Backrest design to prevent damage wave soldering machines because of no-correct operation.

● Equipped with cooling module and temperature compensation module, they are suitable for lead free soldering and varieties of requirements.

● New smooth-high filtering source generator is used in wave soldering machines, it can greatly reduce shocking flow and turbulence flow in channels, making wave solder stable and reduce oxidation.

High precision modular design is applied in transmission system; accurate transmission, long using life and easy maintenance.

● Rosin spray device can be pulled out and removable, it is easy to clean and maintain.

● Spray system is isolated, flux will be discharged from special exhaust channels.

● Powerful data system has been designed in wave soldering machines, all kinds of PCB parameters can be operated by need.

Equipped with industrial computer control system, it is used to make system more stable and reliable.

● Date, time and temperature parameters can be set to ON/OFF automatically.

● System fault can be self diagnosis and shows automatically, troubleshooting can be solved at any time.

● Heating temperature is controlled by PID closed-loop, temperature is reliable and stable.

●Closed-loop and automatic tracking spray system, spray width and time will be adjust automatically; And spray time and date can be set in advance by need.

Wave crest will be generated automatically when PCBs are passing, that greatly reduce soldering oxidation.

● Clutch force limitation and current limiter protection systems are used in transport system.

● Short-circuit and over-current protection system.

● Transport system is controlled by closed-loop; it is step-less adjustable. PCB preheating and soldering time can be set accurately.

● Double wave soldering is controlled by industrial computer, besides line appearance design, viewing windows system is applied in the wave soldering machines, that improves automatic manufacture and management record to new level.






Control method

Key and PLC

Touch screen and PLC

Computer (windows system) and PLC

Conveyor motor

1P AC220V 90W

Conveyor speed


PCB width

50-350mmmaking size by need

Conveyor height


Preheat zone

Power: 12KW 

Length: 1800mm 3 sections PID controlling

Temperature range: Room temperature-250

Solder pot heating

15KW (heating board)  (Room temperature-300)

Solder capacity


Wave height


Wave motor

3P AC220V 0.36KW×2pcs

Cleaning finger pump

1P AC220V 6W

Cool system

Force centrifugal blowing cool

PCB transport direction


Nozzle moving motor

Cylinder/step motor

Flux capacity


Air pressure of flux

3-5BAR (0.3—0.5Mpa)

Solder angle


Power supply

3P AC380V 50HZ 63A

Total/running power


Machine size


Outside size


Net weight


Exhaust air

25M3/Min  2(Exhaust channel)  Φ240mm


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