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Table Top Reflow Oven AR300 (Conveyor)

Table Top Reflow Oven AR300 (Conveyor) Table Top Reflow Oven AR300 (Conveyor) Table Top Reflow Oven AR300 (Conveyor) Table Top Reflow Oven AR300 (Conveyor)
Product name:Table Top Reflow Oven AR300 (Conveyor)

The Glichn Multi-zone AR Series SMD reflow ovens are available for both conventional and lead-free solder. They are designed to the highest standards and cost performance. Reflow oven AR300 for small batch production runs with extremely uniform temperature profiling across the board for enhanced process control.Three (3) heating zones AR300 IR Reflow Soldering Oven is a multi-function oven, suitable for a wide range of curing, drying and heat-treating applications. With a 12" mesh belt conveyor, three independently controlled heat zones, the affordably-priced AR300 can be used to produce accurate, in-line, time/temperature profiles to meet your specific processing requirements. Key to the reflow oven precision and reliability is an innovative and compact design for efficient heat transfer and maximum thermal stability. 

Three independently controlled heat zones;

PID temperature control from room temperature to 400°C (750°F)

300 mm (12") wide stainless steel mesh conveyor with speed variable from 200-1800mm (7.8-70.8")

Only 1400 mm (55") long, heat length 1000mm (39")

Bench-top models, small space, suitable for low-middle batch production.

Advanced long life heating system, high heating efficiency; fast warm up with force hot air convection structure makes PCB and SMD temperature uniform;

Temperature alarm and fault diagnosis function;

SSR no touch output with temperature controller to monitor environment temperature change; temperature accuracy is ±1;

The upper oven body can be open; clean and maintenance are available.  

Machine model:     Bench top Reflow oven AR300

Heat zones

upper 3 zones

Heat length


Heat way

Infrared + Hot air

Transmission system

PCB width


Transmission direction

L→R (R→L)

Component height




Transmission speed


Controller system

Power supply

AC 220V 50/60Hz

Power consumption


Working consumption

Approx 2KW

Warm up time

About 15 Minutes

Temperature range

Room temperature-400

Temperature controller

PID closed loopSSR driven/IPC

Temperature accuracy


Temperature difference on PCBs


Alarm function

Yes (over-high or over-low temperature)

Machine body




Approx 150Kg

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