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Vacuum reflow oven ZR200

Vacuum reflow oven ZR200 Vacuum reflow oven ZR200 Vacuum reflow oven ZR200 Vacuum reflow oven ZR200
Product name:Vacuum reflow oven ZR200
Item:Vacuum sintering furnace
 Vacuum reflow oven ZR200


1.Application of field : suit for no defect welding and perfect no flux welding in Chip and PCB Board ,cover and board ,like IGBT package ,solder paste process ,laser diode package , IC package,MEMS and vacuum package .
2.Why chose Vacuum reflow oven? Recently ,the main welding tool is soldering iron ,reflow oven ,wave solder machine or other welding machine , and later update to Nitrogen reflow oven .But some welding , need high requirement of welding ,like material testing , Chip packing , Power equipment, Automotive products, Train control , Plane system, aerospace system, which need avoid the Empty and oxidation of welding. Vacuum reflow oven is the unique choice to reduce empty and oxidation. Vacuum reflow oven can make sure high quality of welding. Vacuum welding is the new technology in Germany , Japan, USA.
3.Application of industry: Military enterprise , Research institutes ,University, Aerospace , and it’s the best choice for R&D , Process research .
4.Vacuum reflow oven is the necessary equipment in Military enterprise, Aerospace in USA , European, also get university application in Chip package, electronic welding.

Feature of the vacuum reflow oven:

1.Vacuum welding environment , can be up to 10-3mba (Molecular pump 10-6mba is optional) 
2. Low active flux welding environment
3. Siemens PLC. Professional software, get perfect operation .

4. Viewing system: Cavity with a visual window, can observe the welding process in real time. 
5. Control system :Software modular design can set the process curve independently, vacuum extraction, atmosphere, cooling, etc., and can be combined with the production process, to achieve a key operation.
6. Cooling system :Adopt water cooling system, ensure it can cooling rapidly in high temperature environment. Independent water cooling and gas cooling device is set in the cavity, achieve rapid cooling of the device.

7. Data recording system :With continuous real-time monitoring and data recording system, software curve records, temperature control curve saving, process parameters saving , equipment parameters records .

8. Highest temperature :450 degree Celsius (higher temperature is optional) ,meet all soft welding needs.

9. temperature testing. Realize the measurement of temperature uniform in welding zone. Supply professional reference in process testing .
10. Formic acid, nitrogen or other Inert gas suit for special welding process.
11. Patent design in online real video system , can take video of every process and provide good reference for quality tracking , perfect data support in        researching of welding and test in materials .
12. Low hole rate of welding quality :To ensure that after welding, a large area of the disc to achieve the following 3% hole rate.

Technical parameter :

Basic data

Outlook dimension


Weight:about  100 kg

Low vacuum 


 Heating plate size

240x 210mm


Temperature range

Highest can be up to 450°C

Temperature Warm-up rate

Highest can be up to 120°C /min

Temperature Cooling rate

≥100ºC/min; Coolant: fangdongye or distilled water;Pressure: 0.2 ~ 0.4 Mpa;The coolant flow rate > 100 l/min; Water tank capacity ≥60L; Water temperature ≤20

Temperature uniformity


Charge bearing 

5kW   Bottom heating system

Heating platform

Special handling heating platform

Power source standards

380V, 50HZ/60HZ


max. 40 A, 50-60 HZ


0.4MPa≤Air pressure≤0.7MPa

Control parameters

Controlling way

Siemens PLC + IPC

Monitoring window

With visual window (1 set )

Temperature curve setting

Temperature & time (can set temperature /time/ warm-up rete,, 150 technical stages can be set at most )




Welding vision inspection system

Optional with 20 magnification, observation, analysis of the welding process 
Software video recording function , convenience for the R&D and  process analysis

Security system

Ultra high temperature alarm, excessive temperature raising alarm 

System self-check function, each function is the normal state before production , the program allows operate 

Cooling water pressure test system, low voltage alarm, software 


One-click to cut off the heating part power supply


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